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Series Contemporary - romantic novels, which include short and long series romance novels in which sensuality may constitute a strong element in the romance.

Romantic Suspense/Single Title - romantic novels released as individual titles.  

Traditional/Inspirational - romantic novels in which sensuality does not play an active role in the story telling or an inspirational message of personal religious faith is conveyed as a major element of the plot and not used as a plot device or a subplot. This may include historical or contemporary settings.

Historical - novels that have a strong romantic element throughout. This includes regency romances.

 Paranormal/Time-Travel/Futuristic/Fantasy - romantic novels with any time setting that contain elements such as time-travel, angels or other mystical/paranormal themes or set in the future.

OK-RWA reserves the right to return all entries and fees if the minimum entry number for each category (7) is not received. Entrants will be contacted to see if they wish to place their entry in another category before entries are returned.