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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  It looks like I am not supposed to put my title on the manuscript.  Is this correct?

A.  Yes.  As all the contestants have finaled in contests in the past, to increase objectivity and ensure  the utmost objectivity, names and titles will not be allowed in the header.  Instead, please include a cover page consisting of title, category, author’s name, address telephone number, e-mail and the first sentence of the manuscript.

Q2.  Should my book be completed to enter?

A.  There is no requirement that a manuscript be completed before it is entered. However, due to the nature of this contest, it is strongly advised to have a polished partial and/or first draft of your novel completed in the event your manuscript is requested by the judging editor. 

Q3. I live outside of the United States.  How do I enter and format my manuscript?

 A. Please contact the contest coordinator at to make arrangements. 

Q4. May I enter more than one manuscript?

A.  Please do.  You may enter as many manuscripts as you wish, in as many categories. However, you may not enter the same manuscript in more than one category.  Full entry fee and entry form are required with each manuscript.

Q5.  I finaled in a non-Romance Writer's of America chapter sponsored contest, such as a Writer's Digest, OWFI or publisher generated contest (Harlequin Intrigue/ Dorchester).  May I enter?

A.  If you have finaled in a non-RWA sponsored contest, you are more than likely eligible for the Finally A Bride contest.  However, you MUST contact the FAB committee for a final decision.  The decision of the committee is final.  The FAB committee can be contacted at  

Q6. Is the deadline a postmark or receipt deadline?

A. It is a receipt deadline.  Any entries received after that date will be returned, unopened.

Q7.  Do I have to include proof that my manuscript has finaled in another contest?

A.  You are asked to list this information on you entry form.  It is at the discretion of the contest officials to ask for verification of contest status.

Q8.  My manuscript was a semi-finalist in the Molly and/or received an Honorable Mention designation in the Heart of the Rockies.  Can I enter this manuscript in the Finally A Bride?

A.  Yes.

Q9.  My manuscript was a finalist in the Silver Lining contest, will it be eligible for the Finally A Bride?

A.  Yes.

Q10.  My manuscript finaled in two different contests, but only won one.  Is it eligible for Finally A Bride?

A.    No. 

Q11.    How will OK-RWA keep me updated on announcements, etc.?

A.  OK-RWA has created an “announcement only” list on yahoogroups.  You may join by sending a blank e-mail to:  or by going to  The membership rolls are excluded for general viewing.  No one will see if you belong to the list.

Q12.  What if I am currently entered in a contest and the winners will not be announced before it is time to send my FAB entry in?    

A. As long as you have not received notification that your manuscript won a contest before August 15, 2006, it is still eligible for the FAB.