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Web Submission Guidelines

Since I'm now the web mistress, I wish OKRWA to follow some basic policies for putting info on the web. Because we are such an active group, it's impossible to keep track of everyone's accomplishments any given month. I ask that you follow the following procedures if you want your accomplishments posted on the web site:
1. Email me PERSONALLY with a specific subject line that includes "web post" in the title. I will not take information sent to the loop. There's too much that can be misunderstood that way in terms of titles, dates, etc.

2. In the message, be sure you include

  • a. your name as you wish it to appear
  • b. the full title of the book, contest, publisher, etc
  • c. any dates (such as release dates)
  • d. ISBN # if applicable so I can get the book cover from Please, do not attach your book cover because I have a dial up modem, so large images can take some time to download. If the cover is available on Amazon or Borders (etc), then simply let me know and I can get it there. It doesn't take as long to save it to my drive as it does to download it via email for some reason.
  • e. Any other info you'd like included. Please send me specific copy if you are announcing a contest on your web site, or an appearance date, or a workshop appearance. I may have to edit the copy for any number of reasons, but it helps if you send me something to work with. Please keep these relatively short (@50-100 words)
NOTE: You must proofread what you send me. I will not be able to tell in some cases if something is wrong. I don't want to spend a lot of time going back and correcting errors in your copy. I understand that mistakes happen, but please be diligent in proofing so we don't put up incorrect info. You should also double check when it goes up to make sure I have not overlooked something. I am not offended in the least if you email me that there's a typo or glitch on the site. I greatly appreciate the input since I have a lot of pages to maintain, and things do slide by (either me or the copy sent to me).
3. Send all information for the next month's web site by the first day of the month. This should coincide with the newsletter deadline, so most of the time you can send me the same info you send Willie or Jill.
4. Member Bios: I would love to have bios of members with a pic to go up on our web site. Please send me an updated photo of yourself, or give me the web address where I can get a copy of one. Also send me a short bio - no more than 200 words, and another short description of what kind of books you write. If you have a web site, include the link to your site.
5. For OKRWA business: I will update the site whenever necessary. Please send me info directly and let me know when the info must be up.
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