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Hey everyone. It's that time of year again. For all of our unpublished members, we offer this contest, the STBP, just once a year. The winner will receive their National Conference fee, which is usually around 340 dollars.

If you are unpublished and are interested in entering, here is what I need from you:

1. Four (4) copies of the 1st ten (10) pages of your manuscript, standard manuscript format (double spaced, 12 point font), with your name and other personal information NO where on the pages. Repeat: no personal information on these pages.

2. A cover sheet with all your information. Your name, number, email, the title of your entry, phone number.

NOTE: only one manuscript entry per person.

If you do not want to mail them, you can hand them to me at the Christmas Party, but that is the cut off day. If you have any questions or need my snail-mail addy, please feel free to email me privately...

I will announce the winner at the April meeting.

Terri S.