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2004 RWA National Conference, Dallas, Texas

The Infamous OKRWA "Leg Shot", circa 2004

Miss Willie getting her due recognition at the end of the NRCA Reception...check out the neato-cool decorations!


The following are pics from the GH/RITA awards ceremony...look at the Outlaws in all their finery!


Betty, Donnell & Sheila

Betty, Donnell, Sheila & Ammanda


Sheila, Willie & Cindy

Donnell, Mikki and Carla

Miss Alice

Kelly , a mysterious admirer and Alice


Sheila & Deb

Janice, Donnell & Sharon

Sheila & Donnell

Sheila & Donnell, vamping


Here are some candids for your viewing pleasure...

The Fondue Gang, with Michelle Grajkowski and Stephanie Rowe


Kelly, Sheila, Deb B, Alice & Julia

Betty, diving right into research!


Miss Linda, looking fabo

Gena, in her Mr. Demille, I'm ready for my close-up pose

Merline, pretending to be restrained


Darlene, ?? and Peggy

The Posse, at the Literacy Signing

Linda, Maggie & Deb Cowan


Our fearless leader: Ammanda McCabe

Christine, signing her life away


Darlene, talking to a fan






Medieval Times, with our hunky (and oh-so-glad to be waiting on romance writers) serving wench, Chris


These are from the NRCA Reception...

??, Peggy, Darlene, Libby Banks and Linda at the NRCA

The NRCA gang...


Check out the centerpieces!

Willie, looking resplendent in her shockingly red dress!