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1. Revision (includes self-editing)

2. Synopsis and Query

3. Getting or being published (includes agents and financial concerns)

4. Misc. Craft

5. Writing Characters

6. Miscellaneous

7.  Plotting



Note: When ordering tapes via email, please include the T or TM number--that refers to  my cataloging method.  I need it to retrieve the tape requested.  Speakers are noted only in cases when they might be of particular interest.


Please forward all tape requests to Terri Schaefer



 (T1) Taking a Manuscript Apart and putting it back together (1996)

(T2) What Do Revision Letters Really Mean? (1991)

(T14) Confessions of a Former Copy Editor (1996)

(T46) Writing Basics: Self Editing (1991)

(T53) Keys to Sales: Self Editing (2001) Note: two part series, second tape missing (2001)

(TM11) How to Amputate Without Bleeding To Death (1995)




Synopsis and Query

 (T11) Synopsis and Query (1990)

(T15) The Perfect Query Letter

(T20) Write the Selling Synopsis (Leslie Wainger-1996)




Getting or Being Published

 (TM12) Everything About Agents and Publishers (Fogelman-1995)

(TM13) Inside the Editorís Mind (Wainger-2000)

(TM2) The Shortest Distance Between You and a Published Book (1997)

(TM17) Writing Basics: Etiquette with Your Editor (1991)

(TM7) Being a New Author (1997)

(TM18) The Golden Heart: Make It Work For You (1990)

(TM19) How To Get Six Figures for Your First Novel (1993)

(TM21) Career Planning for the Unpublished Writer (1995)

(TM23) Agents: Who Needs Them? (Axelrod-1991)

(TM29,30) Writing the Breakout Novel (Maas-2001)

(T4) Down and Dirty Advice on Selling Your First Novel (1996)

(T5) So Close, But No Sale (Cotemp Setting) (1996)

(TM14) Show Me the Money (2000)




Miscellaneous Craft

(T3) Active vs. Passive Voice (1992)

(T8) How To Capture a Good Idea, Amateur to Pro (1996)

(T9) Point of View (1997)

(T10) 1st. Chapter, 1st. Paragraph, 1st. Sentence (1997)

(T14) Voice, Parts 1 & 2 (Side a & b of tape)

(T19)  Realizing Emotion (1996)

(T24) Point of View (Vernon 1991)

(T41) Writing Basics: Manuscript Preparation (1991)

(T42) Writing Basics: Prewriting (1991)

(T47) Writing Hot: Sensuality for the Series Writer (1999)

(T50) He Said, She Said: Writing Dialogue (2001)

(T52) Populating Your Story World (2001)

(T54) Creating Character Emotion (2001)

(T56) Where Are We? Setting the Scene (2001)




Writing Characters

(T26) Creating Compelling Heroines (2000)

(T27) Write with Archetypes, Not Stereotypes (2000)

(T28) Creating Memorable Characters (2000)

(T30) Creating Perfect Heroes (2000)

(T31) Tight Fittiní Jeans--Sexual Tension (1999)

(T32) Growing Plot Out of Character (1999)

(T33) Sex vs. Sensuality--Layering Your Stories (2000)

(T34 & T35) Creating The Emotional Black Moment (2000)

(T40) The Psychology of Characterization (1989)

(T43) How To Write Non-Verbal Communication (1992)

(T48) The Romance Of Action Scenes (1996)





(T37) Writing the Blockbuster Novel (2000)

(TM10) Street Smarts for the Writer (1997)

(TM15) Researching the Old West (2000)

(TM3) Itís About Time (1997)

(TM4) Women Of the West (1996)

(TM 5 & 6) Muse on the Run, Pts. 1 & 2 (1998)

(TM8) Here in the Real World (1997)

(TM9) Coping with Stress (1997)

(TM16) Minis Series Arenít Just for TV Anymore (1998)

(TM20) Tapping Into Your Creativity (1999)

(TM 24 & 25) Crime Investigation Procedures, Parts 1 & 2 (1993)

(TM 27) Taking the Mystery out of Intrigue (Wainger--1991)

(TM28) Get Confident--Public Speaking (1990)

(TM 29, 30) Writing the Breakout Novel (Maas 2001)

(TM31) Writing the Hip Historical (2002)





(T6) Prescription for Sagging Middles (1996)

(T7) How to Write a Page Turner (Brockman 1998)

(T12) Leading the Reader On (1997)

(T16) Where to Stop and Start:Pacing (1995)

(T17) Goal and Conflict (1997)

(T18) Advanced Plotting (1996)

(T21) Conflict: The Core of Your Novel (1997)

(T24) Plotting, Pts. 1 & 2, (Kramer 1996)

(T25) Anatomy of an Escalating Relationship (2000)

(T36) Six Steps to a Perfect Plot (1996)

(T38) Scene on Fire (2000)

(T44) He Feels, She Feels: Creating Internal Conflict (1996)

(T45) Plotting with a Partner and a Plan (1995)

(T49) Anatomy of a Scene (2001)

(T55) Coping with Rejection (1997)


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