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Entry Composition/Checklist

Each entry will include the following:

q Four (4) copies of the beginning of your manuscript.

NOTE:  The maximum total length of entry may NOT exceed 30 pages.

q Title does NOT appear anywhere on manuscript.

q Entry fee includes postage, do not include postage with your entry.

q One (1) Cover Page consisting of Title, category, Authorís name, address telephone number, e-mail and the first sentence of the manuscript.

q Header on manuscript pages should contain the category and FIRST LINE of the manuscript in the upper left corner and the page number in the upper right.  

q One (1) completed and signed official entry form and agreement for each entry. Entry forms may be photocopied. 

q Write the category on the lower left corner of the envelope. If more than one entry is sent in the same envelope, please write the number of entries included.

q One (1) check or money order made out to "OK-RWA" for the applicable entry fee for each entry. 

q SAS postcard if you wish to be notified when entry is received. 

q A self-addressed, Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope for return of manuscripts. PLEASE NOTE: If you do not want your manuscript returned in a Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope, include a SASE of your choice.  

OVERSEAS entrants please contact for specialized instructions.

Submission: Entries must be mailed to:

FAB Contest Coordinator
202 Freeman Drive
Moore, OK 73160