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The now infamous OKRWA 'leg shot'

Sheila, Deb, Libby, Merline,

Maggie & Donnell

Sheila, Gena, Donnell & Lane


Sharon, Gena, Donnell & Sheila

Sharon & Gena            

Donnell, Gena & Sheila

Sheila, Donnell & Gena        


Susan Elizabeth Phillips & Sheila

Sheila & her knight in shining armor



Teresa Medeiros & Sheila

Sheila & her SEAL

        Sheila & Dara Joy               

Susan Elizabeth Phillips & Gena

Medieval Demonstration

Medieval Demonstration


Medieval Arch

The Three Graces

The Cloisters

The Cloisters

Hanson Cab

Times Square

The Cloisters view

NY City catedral


Medieval Arch