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Finally A Bride Contest


Entry Form



Name (please print)____________________________________________________________


RWA#____________________ OK-RWA member?             Yq      Nq      Joining with entry q






Day Phone:_________________________ Evening Phone:____________________________




Title of Entry:__________________________________________________________________


Target Line: ___________________________________________________________________


Category entering: (Please check only one for each entry)

q   Traditional/Inspirational                                          q    Historical 

q   Series Contemporary                                             q    Romantic Suspense/Single Title

q   Paranormal/Time-Travel/Futuristic                   


Make check(s) payable to OK-RWA. Enclose a self-addressed Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope for return of manuscripts.


I am enclosing:


q$30               Total entry fee

q$35               Non-RWA members entry fee

q$45               RWA members joining OK-RWA - entry fee and reduced 2003 membership fee


This manuscript finaled in the following contests (please include placing and year):


I have read, understand and agree to abide by the Official Rules of Finally A Bride contest.  I further understand and agree to be bound by the contest officials' decisions regarding any question or dispute arising from or relating to the contest, the interpretation of the Official Rules, and matters relating to the contest not specifically covered by the Official Rules.


I verify with my signature that this manuscript has finaled in, but not won an RWA or RWA Chapter-sponsored contest.  I will offer specific additional contest information, or proof if necessary, when or if it is requested by the Finally A Bride Contest Officials.


I understand that contest judging is subjective, and that the decisions of the judges may or may not agree with my personal opinion of the work.  However, with my signature below, I agree to be bound by the judges’ and contest officials’ decision, and accept their determination as final.  I also understand and accept that ideas and titles cannot be copyrighted.


In the event of any dispute arising from or relating to this contest, I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless OK-RWA chapter, its members, officers, contest personnel and judges from any and all liability, including circumstances beyond the control if the contest officials. I agree that the laws of the State of Oklahoma shall govern this contest and any disputes arising from or relating to it.  I will reimburse OK-RWA, its members, officers, contest personnel and judges for all loss, cost or expenses incurred.


My signatures on this Contestant Agreement shows that I accept as reasonable the statements I have made above.  I am signing this Contestant’s Agreement in exchange for the acceptance and processing of my entry in the Finally A Bride.


I understand that failure to agree to the above terms automatically disqualifies my entry.


Date:__________________ Entrant’s Signature______________________________________  


I learned about this contest from: __________________________________________________



Submission: Entries must be mailed to:


FAB Contest Coordinator

13013 Willow Crest Lane

Oklahoma City, OK  73170-1145